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  1. I beat Castle Crashers, got the final boss’s sword and collected all the pets except for the seal who is part of some DLC.

    I want to get the druidic knight as a playable because they look pretty darned cool. As for now I wanna retire.

    Also Kingdoms of Amalur looks like it’s Mass Effect in D&D.

    • Once you start getting into combat, you’ll be a lot more likely to say “It’s like Torchlight with some Mass Effect elements”.

  2. So far.. spent most of the day working on blogs, facebook promotions and other pains of self publishing.

    But what to play…?

    Most of my game time has been on Old Republic some more. I’m annoyed, lightly, because my Guild wants to keep characters at one level for weekly instances so I need to level up a second “Leveling” character that I’m not worried about outleveling the gang with.

    Also.. Marvel Super Hero Squad Online. A fun little free to play MMO for kids that my son just loves.

    I’m hoping to try out ME3 later and to get the wife to try TOR on my account.

  3. I played a couple hours of Skyrim, died, and since have been iffy on picking it back up.
    This is always the script with those games for me, I push along the story until I get killed, and then unsure if I made a silly mistake or if I was just supposed to be grinding some before proceeding, I avoid picking it back up again and just go back to TF2.

    I bought a Magicka 4-pack during the Steam sale, still have a couple extra if anyone is a Steam user and wants one.

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