There are three places in town that I get pizza from. Maribou only likes two of them and the third, of course, is my favorite.

The two that she likes are the place that make the thin crust pizza like you get on the East Coast (awesome pizza until it reaches room temperature but it doesn’t microwave well *AT ALL*… that said, they know how to use their herbs so you prefer a one-topping pizza to the garbage pizza option) and the hand tossed pizza like you get in other parts of the East Coast (this pizza microwaves well but despite their pies only going up to “large”, their prices keep going to “extra-large”… the herbs/spices they use leave juuust enough to be desired to make the “everything but black olives” pizza the most desirable one).

Now, *MY* place has a crust that is halfway between thin crust and hand-tossed, they use a really, really spicy tomato sauce (I think that this is the main reason Maribou doesn’t like them), and their pepperoni is superior to the other places by an order of magnitude (which makes them a platonic one-topping pizza kinda place). AND… they have an extra-large pie for a merely large price.

Since she likes the other places, it pretty much means that I can only get my pizza when she is out of town or, serendipity baby, when she is sick.

So I got “my” pizza tonight.

Surely *YOU* have a platonic pizza. Share it!


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  1. *snort* You order that pizza all the time.

    My platonic pizza is the #4 on this menu, only in Platonia it comes with green peppers rather than olives, it costs 5 bucks, and I still have the digestive system of a 19-year-old and can thus finish it off the next day without benefit of refrigeration, THE WAY GOD INTENDED.

    Yeah, yeah, no religion.

  2. Giordano’s spinach deep dish. Or Gino’s East. I do a hell of a spinach quiche on a similar crust.

    • Damn, Southerners seem to not even know that there’s such a thing as a Chicago-style pizza. Someday I’m going to spring to ship some down here sometime.
      I’d be hard pressed to call it platonic pizza, but it’s always going to be my favorite.

        • Neither does Pittsburgh.

          My favorite local pizzeria (Fascia Luna does not count, sadly) is in New Derry. It’s a bar (decorated dive-style, with a bowling machine in back), only serves pizza after 8 pm. The dough rises in an uncovered bucket (the kind for mixing chemicals), the spices and all are out to see… Wood fired oven (more of a fireplace than anything).

          Great place, but not for the faint of heart. An hours drive away, and worth every mile.

    • Blaise,

      What’s your opinion of Lou Malnati’s (do they have that in Wisconsin?)? I like the pepperoni (deep dish), so maybe it doesn’t compare with the Giordano’s spinach. Just curious about your opinion.

      • I haven’t had Lou’s in years now. And no, I’ve yet to see one in Wisconsin. I’ve yet to eat a decent pizza in the Land o’ Cheese other than what I make myself.

        I have a stoneware pie dish which serves my purposes well enough.

      • I miss my local Lou Malnati’s…pepperoni, sausage, mushroom, garlic, spinach with extra sauce, well done and butter crust….

        …ah, good times.

  3. You avoid Religion and Politics here but engage Pizza? Good luck with that. 🙂

          • Louie’s is the second best pizza in town. However, since it’s the one every one likes, Louie’s is the regular “Thursday-is-pizza-night” pizza.

            I’ve been going to the Louie’s on the East side regularly enough that, if the right person is behind the counter, I get a nice discount.

  4. “So I got “my” pizza tonight.”
    Good for you, right on man… but what did you have for dinner.
    (insert rimshot here)

  5. There was a place I frequented back in tha day in Iowa, Dudley’s Pizzaworks. They did a slight variation on the Chicago deep dish, double layering the cheese so some was directly on the crust and some was on top over everything else like other pizza. Generous with the meat, w/ the most delicious sausage, I loved it then primarily because I discovered it was the most filling pizza available: any other pizza I’d eat several slices, theirs I could have two and be capital F FULL.

    The place ended up going through several other owners between when I left Iowa and when I last made a trip to visit relatives, becoming something else in the process. I never ventured into the building under new ownership though, only because I would angrily demand my beloved deep dish, and probably end up having to be dragged out by police if they did not honor my request.

    There’s a place here in town (Jeff City, MO) that does multiple kinds: NY style, Chicago, even STL thin crust. While not at the old place’s standard, they get closer than anywhere else has w/ the deep dish. As far as the STL style goes, I actually prefer the pizzas a couple of the bars in town have to any others (people seem to love Imo’s for some reason here, while I think it tastes like arse. Prison Brews drops a fishing nuclear bomb on them. Pity they don’t deliver though…)

    A lot of times if I have the time available I’ll just make one myself. One memorable creation was a deep dish with the knotted full-moisture mozzarella, spicy sausage in slices, fresh spinach & portabello mushroom, the buttery crust prepared with plenty of garlic in it.

    (heh. Firefox spellchecker doesn’t recognize “portabello”.)

  6. I don’t have a platonic pizza, Kitty and I overlap. Best place to get pizza within 12 miles of my present position is Casa Bianca, in Eagle Rock. ( House specialty is the sausage pizza.

    Thin crust.

    I don’t mind other types of pizza, but good thin crust that’s closer to crispy than flaccid is high on my list.

    Lots of pizza joints in SoCal, but not very many excellent ones.

    • True dat. (Frowny-face icon.) When I worked downtown, I enjoyed Lamonica’s, which imported everything, including the water to mix the dough, from New York.

      I went to college at UCSB, and Woodstock’s was famous for its sauce-stuffed crust. Much better than the goopy, tasteless, half-melted “cheese” that Pizza Shack(r) hawks in its crusts. IIRC, the toppings even at Woodstock’s were not particularly noteworthy.

      • Woodstock’s was pretty good for college-town pizza. We usually got the non-stuffed crust when I visited buddies who went to UCSB.

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