Holy cow! Is tomorrow Friday already?

Indeed it is.

Except this was one of those weeks where you get to Thursday night and say “holy cow! It’s only Thursday???” and then you realize that you can’t live like that because when you keep wanting time to speed up you’ll find yourself at Monday before you know it and next thing after that it’s Christmas and then 2019 and you’ll be complaining about how they’ve started playing Eminem on the oldies station. And *THEN* you’ll have to listen to people say “well, the album *IS* 20 years old” and then you’ll be depressed.


This weekend gets us back on a regular gaming schedule! Which is good. I want to find out what happens now that I made my legendary roll. The other stuff around that, however, will likely all involve errands, taxes, and laundry. Sweet, sweet laundry.

So… what’s on your docket?


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  1. Junior is ill, so it’s a steady diet of old school Popeye and Superman cartoons until he is well. Then, and only then, can I make plans ­čÖü

  2. My imaginary weekend involves a lot of sleeping. And .. uh, no really, just a lot of sleeping. Maybe I should take the hint and turn in for the night.

    My real weekend will probably be a lot like yours…

  3. Yard sale Saturday, it’s time to get rid of all those childish things of baby girl’s.

    • You should save this, and that, and she will want to see this other thing when she’s 10 and make the decision herself.

      • Don’t worry, we’re keeping a ton of her stuff – just getting rid of what she didn’t ever cotton to.

      • You may have been mocking, but the above statement is why I still own everything my son has ever worn or played with. I know I will need to let go soon because all storage space in my home is full, but I just can’t!

  4. We will be contemplating life decisions and hopefully figuring out what is to come.

    At least a part of me wished I was watching Popeye. But glad to be unsick!

    • This year’s whatever-it-was that was going around what downright awful.

      When the Contagion-level flu hits, I suspect that, much like the epidemic of 1918, the folks who survived this will have antibodies that people who didn’t get this won’t have.

  5. Taking a test to prove to the state of California that I know calculus* well enough to teach it to highschoolers.

    And until then I’m busy re-memorizing those trigonometry formulas that I learned for second-quarter calculus nine years ago and promptly forgot.

  6. Gaming and yard work looks to be on the docket. Most likely a store run too. Need to buy fix’ns for Spaghetti.

  7. Going on a quest tomorrow at the local computer shops to find a cheap case and appropriately old (ish) sound and video cards for a reconstructed computer project. It’s an old AMD Athlon (a measly 1.6Ghz proc) that’s going to be repurposed as the machine responsible for serving music I can play along with on my drums.

    Then two soccer games Saturday night.

    Also need to finish up the great re-ripping project of 2012, which now includes rebuilding my iTunes library (seriously, Apple: you do so many things so well. Why does your flagship media management application suck so so so SO badly?).

    Somewhere in there we have to get Pogo some exercise, as an unforseen side effect of keeping him from escaping is way too much pent-up puppy energy.

    And the ever-present laundry, of course.

    • I’m forced to agree with Kimmi below. If you take away my extra hour of sunshine in the evening (which I use to ride my motorcycle), I *will* hunt you down.

        • Is daylight savings time ending or starting? I never know. No matter what you do with the clocks, winter sucks. Either it is too dark in the morning or dark too early in the afternoon.

  8. Work on Saturday. UGH! But after that, two weeks of blissful vacation! WAHOO!!!

  9. I hate daylight savings time also. I know it is purely psychosomatic, but I am convinced that it makes the days longer and much hotter. Oh well, after six years, we finally capitulated to the ma-in-law and bought an air conditioner.
    Sunday I go and goof with the brand new grand kid.

    • only people from warm climates think this. i want my sun back!
      (what? we’re the gloomiest city in da country in february…)

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