Sister Megan trounced the League (to be fair, those were all family favorite quotes), but didn’t offer to give a list of 10 for this week, so here’s the second iteration of the weekly Movie Quotes Quiz.

Please Rot13 your guesses so as not to muck up anyone.

  1. Here’s to the Army and the Navy and the battles they have won… here’s to America’s colors, the colors that never run!
  2. Exhibit B: Exhibit B is missing. All my slow-burning fuses are gone, disappeared, vanished!
  3. I know this sounds crazy, but ever since yesterday on the road, I’ve been seeing this shape.  Shaving cream, pillows… Dammit!  I know this. I know what this is!
  4. Many Shuvs and Zuuls knew what it was to be roasted in the depths of the Slor that day, I can tell you!
  5. Dying when you’re not really sick is really sick, you know?
  6. Fraulein Ravenwood… let me show you… what I am “used to”.
  7. They You forgot one thing.  I got the dingus.
  8. The old man was right, only the farmers won.  We lost.  We always lose.
  9. Blythe’s not blind as long as he’s with me.  And he’s going with me.
  10. Floyd, we’re gonna have to keep you away from this guy.  You’re liable to get… ideas.

Rot13’d answers:

  1. Qraavf Qha, cynlvat Jrat Puv, va Ovt Gebhoyr va Yvggyr Puvan (gb Wnpx Ohegba, cynlrq ol Xheg Ehffryy)
  2. Qnivq Avira, Pbecbeny Zvyyre, va Gur Thaf bs Aninebar (gb gur grnz)
  3. Evpuneq Qerlshff, Ebo Arnel, Pybfr Rapbhagref bs gur Guveq Xvaq
  4. Evpx Zbenavf, Ybhvf/Ivapr Pybegubj, Tubfgohfgref
  5. Phegvf Nezfgebat, Puneyrf, Orggre bss Qrnq
  6. Ebanyq Ynpl, Znwbe Gbug, Envqref bs gur Ybfg Nex
  7. Uhzcuerl Obtneg, Fnz Fcnqr, Gur Znygrfr Snypba
  8. Lhy Oelaare, Yrr, Gur Zntavsvprag Frira
  9. Wnzrf Tneare, Uraqyrl (gur Fpebhatre), Gur Terng Rfpncr
  10. Eboreg Funj, Qblyr Ybaartna, Gur Fgvat


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  1. 2 vf Crr Jrr’f Ovt Nqiragher. Vg jnf fnvq rcbalzbhfyl (VF GURER FBZRGUVAT LBH’Q YVXR GB FUNER JVGU GUR ERFG BS HF, NZNMVAT YNEEL???)

    3 jbhyq or Evpuneq Qelshff va Guveq Rapbhagref?

    4 jnf Evpx Zbenavf va Tubfgohfgref

    6 jnf perrcl onyq anmv va Envqref (va gur one)

    8 jnf Lhy Oelaare va Gur Zntavsvprag Frira (naq, nf fhpu, cebonoyl fnvq ol uvf pbhagrecneg va Gur Frira Fnzhenv)

    (V pna arire erzrzore punenpgre anzrf.)

  2. 2 Gur Thaf bs Aninebar ol qnivq avira
    3 Pybfr Rapbhagref bs gur guveq xvaq ol evpuneq qelshff
    4 Tubfgohfgref ol evpx zbenavf
    6 Envqref bs gur ybfg nex ol gur perrcl anmv thl jub trgf uvf unaq ohearq
    7 Gur Znygrfr Snypba ol uhzcuerl obtneg
    8 Gur Zntavsvprag Frira ol lhy oehaare
    9 Gur Terng Rfpncr ol wnzrf tneare

    • Whoo! 13 points. You’re ahead of Burt (thanks Jaybird for rescuing this before I got to it).

  3. I’ve got no character names at all this week.
    1. [No clue]
    2. Uhzcuerl Obtneg va gur Pnvar Zhgval (“Vg jnf gur fgenjoreevrf”).
    3. Evpuneq Qerlshff va Pybfr Rapbhagref bs gur Guveq Xvaq.
    4. Evpx Zbenavf va Tubfgohfgref.
    5. [No clue]
    6. Gung perrcl Anmv thl va Envqref bs gur Ybfg Nex (abj hasbeghangryl ergvgyrq “Vaqvnan Wbarf naq gur Envqref bs gur Ybfg Nex” ohg gur bevtvany vf fgvyy gur orfg). Qnza zl rlrf, V pna’g erzrzore gur npgbe’f anzr ba zl ubabe.
    7. Gvzr Onaqvgf?
    8. Lhy Oelaare, Gur Zntavsvprag Frira
    9. [No clue]
    10. Eboreg Funj, Gur Fgvat

      • Frustrating that I’d pick Uhzcuerl Obtneg for one of the ten, incorrectly, only to find Uhzcuerl Obtneg in a different one, that I missed.

        A good challenge and I’ll look forward to next week.

        • re: Eboreg Funj, Gur Fgvat

          Ze. Pyrzraf, tvir zr gra gubhfnaq qbyynef zber.

          That was my other candidate.

  4. I can only get #4 (3 sounds familiar but it’s not coming to me). I am not nearly as good at this as I thought I’d be given I worked at a video rental place for a long time.

    4. Evpx Zbenavf, pna’g erzrzore uvf punenpgre’f anzr ohg ol guvf cbvag ur’f Gur TngrXrrcre va Tubfgohfgref.

    • Counts as 2 points. (Ur’f gur Xrlznfgre (Ivapr Pybegubj). Mhhy vf gur Tngrxrrcre.)

  5. Hey…I posted some answers but the post doesn’t show. I’ve tried to put it in again but the intertoob machine says i already put in so its a duplicate post. The fix is in.

  6. I got actors and films for 3 and 7, and am irritated that I didn’t think harder about 8. I might have guessed Gur Frira Fnzhenv instead, but you know.

  7. Crap. Just #7 , and only because “qvathf” vf n qrnq tvirnjnl.

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