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    • “I know. We should pay a handful of people to create accounts on websites where people are criticizing the video games and have their first comments be attacks on the people criticizing the games!”

  1. I just want you to know that, when you’re doing this:


    you will need to turn to Maribou for sympathy. I don’t know what the ending is but people keep saying it’s the worst thing that has ever hit all of mankind and that they are clamoring for a DLC ending to make it better. I figure, if I can get Twisted Metal (when it hits the bargain bins) and not cry over needing DLC to fix several hilariously untested SP events, then you will be able to survive the ending.

    I tell you, between Twisted Metal, Duke Nukem Forever, and Serious Sam BFE, it’s just been a bad year for nostalgia. I’m beginning to think that there is something to the notion of just letting a series end.

    • Here is what I understand… The background is that previous Bioware games (like KoTOR I and II, Jade Empire, and Dragon Age) gave speeches at the end of the game.

      “This place that you visited flourished because you, a good guy, visited in the following specific ways. The Bad Guy Fellowship Lodge suffered from a membership crisis, to close three months later. The named character you met there got married and has two beautiful children and is running a gourmet cupcake shoppe that does a great deal of business around Life Day.” (Or an inverted speech if you played as a bad guy.)

      So, after the game is over and before you watch the credits, you get a final denouement. Every time I play through as a good guy, this speech gives me a happy sigh and ties a delightful bow on the game. “Well done”, it says on the bow. (While, when I play as a bad guy, the speech makes me feel bad and say “I need to play again so I don’t leave the world/universe in such a sorry state.”

      From what I understand, and I’ve been avoiding spoilers, there is an end to the game… but there is no denouement.

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