Friday movie quote quiz, in honor of the $500 million dollar jackpot, has a theme.  Good luck!

  1. How much… does forty-eight, fifty dollar win tickets… on the three horse… in the seventh race… pay?
  2. Mr. Clemens.  Give me ten thousand dollars more.
  3. You’re right, Teddy.  The Ace didn’t help me.
  4. Now I know why they call you “Fast Eddie”.
  5. Daddy, I got cider in my ear!
  6. See, the thing is, you guys look at me, you see the backwards hat, the grey socks, the funky outfit and you say, “Now this guy’s a chump”, right?
  7. You took my queen, Ray… I’ve got a ten, I needed that queen!
  8. I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!
  9. Come on, Nicky, come home.  Just come home.  Home!  Talk to me.
  10. It’s been travelling 22 years to get here, and now it’s here.  And it’s either heads or tails, and you have to say. Call it.

Rot13’d answers:

  1. Evpuneq Qerlshff, Gebggre, Yrg vg Evqr
  2. Eboreg Funj, Qblyr Ybaartna, Gur Fgvat
  3. Zngg Qnzba, Zvxr ZpQrezbgg, Ebhaqref
  4. Wnpxvr Tyrnfba, Zvaarfbgn Sngf, Gur Uhfgyre
  5. Zneyba Oenaqb, Fxl Znfgrefba, Thlf naq Qbyyf
  6. Jbbql Uneeryfba, Ovyyl, Juvgr Zra Pna’g Whzc
  7. Gbz Pehvfr, Puneyvr Onoovg, Enva Zna
  8. Pynhqr Envaf, Eranhyg, Pnfnoynapn
  9. Eboreg Qr Aveb, Zvpunry, Gur Qrre Uhagre
  10. Wnivre Oneqrz, Nagba, Ab Pbhagel Sbe Byq Zra


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  1. Am I the only one who’s never realized that Welsh is just rot13’d English?

  2. 8 and 10, but only because they’re bleeding obvious.

    • Demerits for not getting #2. I expect better from you, Mr. Schilling.

      • I haven’t seen that since it first came out. I’ll grant you, I should have gotten 4 (Gubhtu vg zvtug unir orra fnvq ol Cvcre Ynhevr.).

  3. I’ve seen 2, 5, 7, and 8. (Edit: and 9! I loved 9!)

    I’m going to guess the rest.

    1 vf Evpuneq Qelshff va Yrg vg Evqr
    2 vf Eboreg Erqsbeq va Gur Fgvat
    3 vf V unir ab vqrn
    4 vf Gur Uhfgyre, naq V jnag gb fnl gung vg jnf fnvq ol zber guna bar crefba.
    5 vf Fnvag Senapvf va Thlf naq Qbyyf
    6 vf V unir ab vqrn.
    7 vf Gbz Pehvfr va Enva Zna (naq, sbe gur erpbeq, gurer jrer cyragl bs dhrraf)
    8 vf Serapl Serapurefba va Pnfnoynapn
    9 vf Eboreg QvAreb va Gur Qrre Uhagre (Puevfgbcure Jnyxra jnf gur obzo va gung zbivr, jnfa’g ur?)
    10 vf, bs pbhefr, Zbr va Ab Pbhagel sbe Byq Zra

    • That’s pretty good. You got a bunch at least half-right.

          • There’s a lot of that. Gung pbzrf jvgu orvat n zbivr nobhg cbxre. Ohg V guvax lbh’q yvxr gur inevbhf dhnaqnevrf Zngg Qnzba’f punenpgre trgf vagb naq jub urycf uvz naq jub qbrfa’g naq gur gevor guvatf gung ner vyyhfgengrq gurer.

          • I must be thinking of a different movie entirely. I’m thinking of a movie with Vince Vaughn.

          • Spoiler!

            Lbh xabj gur ubeebe fprarf gung lbh pna’g jngpu naq ubj lbh pna’g jngpu vg?

            Gur cubar pnyy fprar jvgu Wba Sniernh va Fjvatref… V pna’g jngpu vg. Vg’f npghnyyl cnvashy.

    • Oh, if you’ve never seen 1. You gotta see 1. I’ll bring it to Vegas.

  4. I got 6, 7 and 8, but none of the others off the top of my head. And one movie not of those three has got to be in there, but I don’t know which it is.

      • Dammit man, you’re making me crazy. I can’t figure out which movie.

        • gur fgvat. 6,7,8 ner Juvgr Zra Pna’g Whzc Envazna naq bs pbhefr Pnfnoynapn. Ohg gur Fgvat vf nyy nobhg tnzoyvat. Naq pbaavat gubfr thlf. Naq pbaavat gur pbaf.

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