While I wait, I find myself playing a lot of Magic: The Gathering: Duels of the Plainswalkers (because one colon just isn’t enough). Sure, I got all of the achievements, but I haven’t yet unlocked all the cards for all the decks. It’s soothing to do that. Especially after I finish playing some Dark Souls because, seriously, that game is difficult. Super Ghouls and Ghosts difficult. It’s downright Ninja Gaiden Black on the original XBox difficult. (Which is fun until, of course, it is not.)

So… what are you playing?


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  1. I’ve been giving SpaceChem another try. That game gets really hard, really fast. I got past the level that stumped me last time, but now I’m stuck again.

  2. I’m sick.

    I’m really tired of being sick, getting sick, feeling sick, or having allergic reactions to things that simulate being sick.


    Just watched “Moon”. Excellent.

  3. I’ve decided Neverwinter Night 2 isn’t doing it for me, so I’m playing Civ V for a while. After that I might play Mass Effect 1.

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