Today is Wrestlemania Day! So that’s what *I* will be watching. We’re also instituting a handful of policies at work that (long story short) result in me having to babysit backup tapes while they back up… so I’m back to reading a couple of chapters of Game of Thrones a week. (The first dire wolf has eaten it.) I called Maribou and said that I was surprised that they’re killing dogs and she pointed out, and I quote, “No character is safe.”

I called back a few minutes later and clarified that, yes, this includes the bad guys. “What? It’d be a depressing story if the good guys all got screwed over and the bad guys kept winning.” “There are precedents.”

(Oh, there’s also the issue of our homework for this week being watching the episodes of “Unleashed” and “Bad Dreams” from Fringe Season 1.)

So… what are you reading and/or watching?


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    • Nope. We did see the box set at Costco for a song and we were tempted to buy it but Maribou told me that she didn’t want to be tempted by howevermany hours of addictive television when she has The Paper to write. So we’re going to wait until after The Paper is written to get it. (We don’t have HBO, we don’t even have cable. Our televisions are monitors connected to multimedia devices.)

  1. I’m reading Tom Perotta’s The Leftovers. It’s about ordinary people trying to cope in their day to day lives after not being taken in what they assume was the Rapture. There are no angels or demons, or even evidence that it was the Rapture that took all the people that disappeared.

    It’s like what Left Behind might have been if it had been written by Jonathan Frazen.

  2. I rented and watched both the Thor and Captain America movies in preparation for The Avengers this May. Glad I did, as some of the background made things people are talking about (cosmic cubes and the like) a lot more comprehensible, and both of them were fun.

    Cap was the better movie, but Thor was more entertaining.

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