Can you believe it? We’ve watched nineteen episodes of Fringe.

There’s only one more episode to watch for next week. The episode also happens to have the best title of any episode we’ve seen thus far: “There’s More Than One Of Everything”… and in that episode, we find out what Season Two is going to be all about.

Which brings us to Season Two. At the very least, I want to take a couple weeks off between the seasons if only to allow everybody’s Season Two box set to arrive in the mail (assuming they order it from Amazon, of course) and to let me hide in the basement a bit because Maribou’s final paper wasn’t due last Saturday… it’s due the Saturday after next and it’s going to be crazy here at The Birdhouse.

So how do we want to play this?

(As always, if you want to discuss spoilers, please rot13.)


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  1. Wait, she has more time than she thought for her paper? I thought that would be a good thing.

    • No. She has exactly as much time as she thought for her paper. She has more time than *I* thought for her paper.

    • I had a paper due this past Saturday at 6 am. I have a paper due this Saturday at 6 am. I have a paper due Saturday *next* (3rd Saturday in a row) at 6 am. (I also have to give a presentation the Monday after that.) Jaybird, reasonably enough, did not think a person could logically have 3 major assignments due at 6 am 3 Saturdays in a row for ONE FREAKING CLASS, and thus conflated them. But, no. I have more stuff to do than he thought I did.

  2. I am fine with taking a few weeks off. Good luck on the papers Maribou.

  3. Yes, a few weeks off sounds good. I don’t actually own season two yet, but now that I have watched season 1 I need to know what happens next.

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