No quiz last week, as I was enjoying wine country.

This week: another readily identifiable theme.  A couple of easy ones, one designed to make you give the wrong answer, and some hard ones.  Good luck!  Rot13 your guesses, as always…

  1. I’ll give you Szell for your brother!  He’s at a bank at 58 and Madison!
  2. Considering you expect to get France in return, I’d have thought it a reasonable price.
  3. If that’s not a drop I’ll open up a charge for you at Bloomingdale’s.
  4. Correction: was.  Klebb works for SPECTRE now.  The girl doesn’t know that.
  5. Listen. I work for the CIA. I am not a spy. I just read books!
  6. They poured a whole bottle of bourbon into me.  No, they did not offer me a chaser!
  7. What’s the color of the boathouse at Hereford?
  8. “Induction of Psychoneuroses by Conditioned Reflex Under Stress”. What does that mean?
  9. I know the best place to look for a gun is the cab or the gray truck outside, and at this altitude, I can run flat out for a half mile before my hands start shaking.
  10. Ten rubles… ten pirouettes.  You’re a betting man!  Wait a minute… Eleven rubles!  Eleven pirouettes.

And your answer-scramble:

  1. Jvyyvnz Qrinar, Wnarjnl, Znenguba Zna
  2. Rqjneq Sbk, Gur Wnpxny, Gur Qnl bs gur Wnpxny
  3. Trar Unpxzna, Cbcrlr Qblyr, Gur Serapu Pbaarpgvba
  4. Eboreg Funj, Qbanyq Tenag, Sebz Ehffvn jvgu Ybir
  5. Eboreg Erqsbe, Wbr Gheare, Guerr Qnlf bs gur Pbaqbe
  6. Pnel Tenag, Ebtre Gubeauvyy, Abegu ol Abegujrfg
  7. Eboreg QrAveb, Fnz, Ebava
  8. Zvpunry Pnvar, Cnyzre, Gur Vcperff Svyr
  9. Zngg Qnzba, Wnfba Obhear, Gur Obhear Vqragvgl
  10. Tertbel Uvarf, Enlzbaq, Juvgr Xavtugf


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    • 10 quotes from 10 different actors/actresses in 10 movies.

      You get 1 point for correctly identifying the character, one point for correctly identifying the actor/actress, and one point for the movie.

      You, if you don’t get #6 you lose 3 points on principle. You should totally get #6.

      Everybody’s on the honor system, the high point winner can (if they so choose) submit next week’s quiz (no takers so far).

      You’re welcome to make guesses in the comments, but to avoid messing anybody else up should they glance at the comments, you should go to, put your guess(es) in the text box, hit the Cypher button, and copy the encrypted answer into the comment box here.

      • Okay, does the scramble of any one answer you have tell us anything about the others? So if I know an X is an N in answer 5, will Xs be N’s throughout?

        • Rot13 is a simple encryption. A=N, B=O, C=P, and so on through M=Z. This allows it to be encrypted back and forth with no loss of fidelity. Numbers are not encrypted (which is why I prefer to spell numbers out if they’re in my answer).

          Warning: if you keep at it, you’ll eventually read rot13 as easily as English.

        • Rot13 is not real encryption, it’s just supposed to prevent you from instantly mind-mapping somebody else’s answer and ruining your good time.

          Eboreg is the same word in both numbers, yeah… so you get a clue there.

          • Got it. So you’re not supposed to try and suss it out that way.

          • Ah, well, that depends on what your philosophy is. I leave that to the quiz-taker.

  1. I got #10 and number 10 alone. That said, I can’t believe that Lionel Ritchie is doing country now.

    Ah, well. He always did sing “mature” love songs and country’s pretty much the last refuge for that.

    Anyway, Tertbel Uvarf gb Zvxunvy Onelfuavxbi. NAQ UR QVQ GUR RYRIRA CVEBHRGGRF. Yvxr n obff.

    • Oh, I also saw #7. Had you used the “Gurl tnir zr n tenffubccre” line, I would have caught it.

    • A bonus point for correct usage of “Yvxr n obff.”

    • Dude, if you haven’t see #2, you are missing out.

    • I got most of 2, 4, 7, and 10. My wife owns a dance studio. Wanna guess how many times I have seen ten?
      Jaybird, you are so right about country being the refuge for mature love songs. GJ’s “Still Doin Time” is so much more mature than BD’s “Sara”, “It’s All Over Babyblue”, etc, etc,etc,ad nauseum.

  2. I am embarrassingly horrible at film trivia games.
    Okay, got #6, all three.
    #10, actor and movie, not character.
    And I am seriously annoyed at myself for not getting 1 and 9.
    And the theme is fcvrf/vagreangvbany vagevthr (is that something we’re supposed to guess too?)
    I haven’t seen 2 in over 15 years…I must to see it again!

  3. Funny, I thought 1 was the gimme. At least, it’s the only one I got.

    (When we used to do these on rec.arts.sf.written, we’d substitute something like “Bugs” and “Daffy” for character’s names, because recognizing “Hari Seldon” was considered a cheap victory.)

  4. 7 was the only one I instantly recognized, but I placed in the wrong movie. I think 5 was supposed to be the trap, which I caught because the quote is slightly different in the other movie, and it’s ‘write’ not ‘read’ in that one.

    • Heh; I didn’t even think of that (5). I think the quote is a little more different in the one you’re thinking of than it is in this one.

      4 was the trap. People see SPECTRE they’re supposed to guess the hero said that.

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