Since I promised to only do recommendations if I have, in fact, beaten the game, I am stuck talking about a game that I have not yet beaten.

The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings

Now, The Witcher was one of the most brilliant and subtle choice RPGs that I’d played in quite some time… instead of Bioware’s usual Paragon/Renegade (or Saint/Jester/Grouch) morality system, there were just a bunch of choices to make… do you help the witch or turn her over to the town? There are upsides for both, after all. Downsides for both as well… but, at the end of the day, the choices felt *MEATY*. (And given Bioware/EA’s recent evolutionary changes, I can’t help but feel like I want to support people who make good games that aren’t afraid to pander to their audience in the last 5 minutes of the epilogue.)

As such, I’m very, very much looking forward to playing this one.

So far I’ve only installed it and watched the teaser (which I now leave with you here):

I’ll give you all as close to a full report as soon as I can.


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  1. The tentative Mass Effect 3 report is that the announcement of the “clarification ending” really took the wind out of my sails to play that game. I think (hope?) to wait until that comes out to “clarify” the ending to play it.

    Witcher 2, at least, has not yet jerked me around and part of me feels like I ought to reward that.

    • Dude. That was one of the main selling points of the trilogy. Like on top of the back of the box selling point.

  2. Just thought I should mention, the original Witcher is on sale at GOG right now for 4.99 . It runs through the 23rd.

    • Nice. I picked up mine (The Enhanced Edition) for $20 and consider that to have been a bargain.

  3. if you liked the first, you will likely like the second. most things are improved, but be forewarned about the difficulty curve – the beginning is far more difficult than most of the rest of the game.

    • I’ve heard that many, many folks died in the tutorial.

      This strikes me as awesomely funny… except I am going to start playing tonight (or tomorrow night) time permitting.

      • it does actually help overprepare you for the trials to come. i’ve heard things have balanced out, but since i’d preordered and finished it before most of the patches were done, i cannot speak to that.

        • Oh, the tutorial killed the ever-living crap out of me last night. I killed *ONE* dude.

          “Congratulations! You finished the tutorial! Suggested difficulty: Easy.”

          • dang! well, i found it did get easier, even using a keyboard+mouse combo. but i died a whole lot, especially given that quick time events mostly suck it.

  4. The first one has a demo that is on the discs that I burned with the notion that “someday” I will get around to it.

    That has not actually changed.

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