Friday’s Movie Quotes quiz is late, but here ’tis. Hint for this week: every movie below is listed in this post.

  1. Well, those are the boobs that make our laws. That’s the democratic process.
  2. Jerry, boy, why do you have to paint everything so black? Suppose you got hit by a truck. Suppose the stock market crashes. Suppose Mary Pickford divorces Douglas Fairbanks. Suppose the Dodgers leave Brooklyn!
  3. Why did I take up stealing? To live better, to own things I couldn’t afford, to acquire this good taste that you now enjoy… and which I should be very reluctant to give up.
  4. I’m going to be frank with you two. I’ve read the preliminary investigation very carefully and I think that what you’ve done stinks.
  5. There are two people in this barracks who know I didn’t do it. Me and the guy that did do it.
  6. No patty-fingers, if you please. The proprieties at all times.
  7. A man can smile and be a villain.
  8. Baltimore? That’s like being hit in the head with a crow bar once a day.
  9. You can’t hardly tell at first, not till they get to the point of slobbering and staggering around. When you see a critter in that fix, you know for sure.
  10. Back home everyone said I didn’t have any talent. They might be saying the same thing over here… but it sounds better in French.

And the rot13’d answers… two of ’em are gimmies because of the trivial nature of rot13, so if you don’t want to spoil your guesses, don’t look too closely…

  1. Trar Xryyl, Ubeaorpx, Vaurevg gur Jvaq
  2. Gbal Phegvf, Wbr, Fbzr Yvxr Vg Ubg
  3. Pnel Tenag, Ebovr, Gb Pngpu n Guvrs
  4. Wbfr Sreere, Yg. Terrajnyq, Gur Pnvar Zhgval
  5. Jvyyvnz Ubyqra, Frsgba, Fgnynt 17
  6. Oneel Svgmtrenyq, Zvpunyrra Sylaa, Gur Dhvrg Zna
  7. Ohey Virf, Qbp Unffryonpure, Bhe Zna va Uninan
  8. Wnpx Jneqra, Whebe (haanzrq), 12 Natel Zra
  9. Puhpx Pbaabef, Fnaqrefba, Byq Lryyre
  10. Trar Xryyl, Wreel, Na Nzrevpna va Cnevf


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  1. I didn’t get any of these (though #3 is sticking in my proverbial teeth like a proverbial seed). So I’ll just say that, if I were going to want to rot13 something like “rot13”, I’d probably write it out as “rot-thirteen” before rot13ing it.

  2. I only got 2 and 5! It’s amazing how many movies I can see and still be bad at this game…

    • I’ve seen 1, 2, 4, 5, and 8, and only got 5.

      And I’d forgotten about him playing that character in 1. Worst miscasting since gur fnzr thl cynlvat n Wrj va Znewbevr Zbeavatfgne.

  3. PC-

    I have zero intention of stealing your thunder, but if the idea interests you, it might be fun to team up and do a sports-quote themed quiz. Either quotes about sports or quotes by those involved in sports that may or may not have to do with sports. Just an idea. Email me at the associated address if you want to talk further…

    • Nobody goes there anymore — it’s too crowded.

    • I did gambling movies a while back; sports movies would be fun!

      We’ll have to leave Rudy off of it, though, in deference to our coblogger.

      • I was thinking of real quotes from real people, but sports movie quotes would work as well, though I will confess to not being a particular sports movie (or any movie genre, really) buff. Let me know, though. We’ll make it happen!

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