Holy cow, is tomorrow Friday already?

Indeed it is.

We are blessed this weekend with a dinner with friends on Friday night, a soiree on Saturday, and Sunday may have friends stopping down from Denver. If I could want for anything at all it would be to want for MORE TIME.

So… what’s on your docket?


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    • fair warning: if you know anything about modernism (or are married to an english professor whose whole deal is that) it will be a very painful movie to sit through.

  1. I’m up in Wisconsin to see old friends and new family, and to indulge in the culinary delights (cheese curds, Friday Fish Fry and New Glarus beer) that are generally unavailable to me in Georgia.

  2. One thing I feel like I need to do is to get out ahead of the blog. I fell behind and when I posted about Ms. Quinn’s picture arriving realized that I’m letting Skyrim eat up too much of my “working” time. Of course…. Skyrim is Teh Fun made even more complicated by me trying to manage 2 different games, one with a mage and one with a warrior… and I want to start a 3 with a rogue/ thief.

    And the stinking save system doesn’t help any. I accidently lost 4 days of playing.

    • I may have to do a second game when I’m done with my first; I chose the Stormcloaks over the Imperials but I may want to see how the Imperial story plays out too.

  3. Junior has play dates and I have chores, so nothing fun.

  4. Two close friends from high school are getting married. An evening in Brooklyn! Watch out hipsters… there is a LEGIT bowler hat in town…

  5. My son’s high school graduation. (Though if he keeps answering questions about logistics with blank looks, he may not live to see it.)

    • This makes me wonder if I was wrong about Mike’s age all along. These damn gravatars!

      • I have talked about my daughter at Davis.

        • Missed that. Sorry. Your gravatar has the look of a younger man and, again, I tend to assume that people look EXACTLY like their gravatars. Regardless, mazel tov!

  6. It’s a long weekend down here (Queen’s Birthday), but I don’t have any big plans.

  7. My goal this weekend is to try to figure out that most curiously named of documents, “Explanation of Benefits.” (Curiously named, of course, because it’s not actually an explanation and it seems like it’s almost never about your actual benefits but instead your lack thereof.)

  8. Just decided to go to Sunday’s Indy Car race at Belle Isle in Detroit. The kids are totally geeked. Well, except the oldest, who has to miss it because she has to play Pomp and Circumstance for the high school graduation.

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