I’m back into Mass Effect 3 and, golly, I’ve gotta say that it’s really good so far. I suppose that this is much of why folks were disappointed with the ending if the game keeps getting better than it even is right now. I’m also playing the new Magic:The Gathering and the four new tables for Zen Pinball (including The Infinity Gauntlet which is one of the coolest tables I’ve ever played, ever).

So… what are you playing?


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  1. Just finished rebuilding my computer and discovered, to my horror, that I very carefully backed up everyone else’s home directories but failed to back up my own! I lost my Dragon Age save. Bright side: Now I have an excuse to play it again.

  2. Is there a term for the collection of videos that come up when a youtube video ends? Anyway, one of those videos “Pacman: The Yellow Knight” is *almost* but not quite pitch perfect.

    • I think the tie-in is that one of the kids in the cereal commercial is Christian Bale.

  3. Just started me3 – as a general comment I wish the dialogue was a little snappier.

    Like that they smoked the kid from the intro though.

    • I’m doing a whole bunch of fetch quests. I kind of understand why some folks might hate them given the whole “Reaper Invasion” thing going on, but it’s getting all of the ducks in a row part of these games that I find most soothing.

      • It’s a crpg thing in general and a bioware thing in particular.

        The writing is still annoying me more than me2 – the renegade path seemed less hokey and the illusive man less mwah ha ha.

        • I always play through as Paragon first, myself.

          That said, the renegade path for the first game made a fair amount of sense… we have to make sacrifices to ensure victory. We can’t take risks on Rachni rising up again. We can’t take time to save the colony on the way to beat the Thorian. We can’t risk saving the Council, there’s a Reaper that needs to be defeated.

          And so on.

          You’d think that’s be a lot easier to do this time around.

          • yeah, you’d think so.

            the combat seems a bit harder this time around (i’m using the rpg mode) as well, and the slowdown power seems to have been nerfed somewhat. i may be misremembering, though.

            but renegade always gets the best lines, i think; they’re at least a little more in-character for someone’s who has been dead, shot up, and made more aliens explode than they can count. plus jennifer hale is a decent voice actor for this sort of thing, which helps quite a bit.

  4. Our county fair does fireworks every night, meaning that they started tonight. I was just watching them from the backyard. (There’s a better view from down the street, but that requires putting on shoes.)

    Where we lived when the kids were small, fireworks were only on the Fourth, and we had to go to the fair to see them. They were shot across a slough. Once they used to low a trajectory and managed to set the opposite bank on fire, which became a family story repeated every Fourth of July (“Remember the time they set the bank on fire?”) It came out recently that my son, who was two or three at the time, had always assumed we were referring to a financial institution.

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