So, the risers will be taller, so that I don’t bonk my head when I lean over to work in the bed… and the wood isn’t sealed, because Home Depot doesn’t sell the nontoxic stuff in the store, only online… and the frame isn’t actually assembled, but this is basically a preview of what the raised bed will look like:

Now I’m gonna go have a beer.


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  1. It looks like you do good work.
    One question here:
    Shouldn’t the posts be on the outside of the wood, opposing the outward weight of the dirt?
    Honest question. It’s not really my field, so to speak.

    • Yes. Cosmetically, they look better on the inside (plus, there’s the whole, “Goldurn it I borked my knee on the post again” aspect). I’m taking a chance on putting the uprights on the inside. I figure if it doesn’t support the weight, and it starts to bow out, I’ll buy a 4″x4″ an chop it in half and stick it on the outside.

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