Okay, so in the book, Ned declined an offer to go home, Arya remembered what Jon said, and Sansa wrote a few letters. I’m currently with Jon where we went to the old trees to talk to the old gods and his direwolf found something.

And it seems like just yesterday that I was complaining about things not happening!

So… what are you reading and/or watching?


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  1. By the way, did anyone else see that FoxSports is in negotiations to hire Erin Andrews? I think the hangup is that they want her to dress like a car show model.

  2. Finished watching Fringe Season 4 online. Finishing up Legend of Korra today. Watching those weird old teaching company vhs tapes about 17th-18th century intellectual history & realizing I know more about that than I thought I did, since none of it is particularly new to me (though it is good to have it presented in a more organized fashion than I learned it).

    Readingwise, fluff fluff and more fluff. Picked back up with Kathy Reichs’ series that got turned into Bones, most recently.

  3. Finished LA Confidential. (The movie is noir, but the book is black hole.)

    Almost done with the Robert Caro LBJ biography. This volume is less satisfying than I remember the previous ones being. Not enough showing and too much telling, with lots of “The reason for telling you this obscure incident from his youth in Volume 1 is the light it sheds on this aspect of his presidency here in Volume 4.” But maybe that’s necessary when Volume 1 came out 30 years ago.

    Started Ubik. Classic Dick: most of our assumptions about how the world work completely overturned, but still told in a flat, realistic style. And funny.

  4. Just finished Ready Player One. Awesome novel for gamers. Started Vince Flynn’s Kill Shot.

    Saw Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer today. That was #10 of my 20 summer movies on my list.

  5. I am just starting book ten of the Wheel of Time. Three more to go and then the last book!

    BTW – Jay, get used to that level of stuff happenning in the books.

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