In Sleeping Dogs we’ve reached the point where the cops want to pull me out because I’ve gotten too attached and I’m trying to tell them that if they pull me out now, we’ll have changed nothing at all. We’ll just have reshuffled the problem, not solved it.

I’ve also downloaded FTL and Legend of Grimrock. (Well, technically, they’re downloading *NOW*.)

So… what are you playing?


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  1. Oh, I want to know if FTL or Grimrock are any good.

    I’ve been doing a lot of TF2’s new co-op mode and now I need a new single-player game. I’m thinking of trying Home or downloading Black Mesa: Source. Of course, I have maybe fifty games on my Steam account that I’ve not event launched once yet. . .

    • I will recommend Vampire: Bloodlines until I am blue in the face. IF, however, you’ve already beaten it (or, I suppose, if you’re not inclined toward RPGs), Heroes of Might and Magic is a fun strat game.

  2. I’ve been replaying some of my old Playstation RPGs on an emulator. It doesn’t say good things about the genre that the games are greatly improved by the ability to fast-forward through random battles.

  3. I am playing things other than dumb facebook games!

    Achievement Unlocked ( which is a parody game I had to play for class, but which I was actually pretty amused by.

    Journey ( ) – I haven’t played a console game in ages but one of my classmates was singing the praises of this one. I LOVE IT. So so incredibly pretty. Easy and dreamlike and meditative. A little bit like Flower, only it goes on and on and on and on. And it has SYLVAT, juvpu erzvaqf zr bs Xavtugf vagb Qernzf.

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