I picked up Season Four of Fringe! Where I left off, they had taken a two-month break (between episodes 14 and 15) so I’m kinda getting the feel of how the season worked for the people who were there in real time. I’ve also got Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol on the couch sitting there and mocking me for picking it up. “Don’t look at me that way, Ghost Protocol”, I tell it. “I intend to be tipsy when we watch each other.”

I’m also planning on googling the sporting events that will be happening today to see how my fantasy team (quote from Dman: “Who’s your good player?”) does.

So… what are you reading and/or watching?


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  1. I told myself that I would be reading 3 books while I’m on vacation. I don’t really care which books, I just want to read! No such luck, I’m going to be way too busy :(.

    As for watching? I made it to the fifth episode of Warehhouse 13 (it only took me two weeks). It’s okay, but I like Fringe better.

  2. I read A Game of Thrones last week. I’m quite a fan, despite the book xvyyvat bss zl snibhevgr punenpgre naq gur orfg crefba va gur pnfg. Sanya Stark makes me wish you could reach through books to strangle people. However: qentbaf! That makes up for any other disappointments. Great way to end the book. Dany is badass. Other awesome characters: Jon (possibly my favourite after Ned), Arya, Robb…basically all the Starks except Sanya. Also Tyrion, who I like for his humour and good advice to Jon despite him being on the wrong side. The rest of the Lannisters can die painfully.

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    I’m going to ask for the DVDs of the TV series for Christmas.

    • You’ll love the TV series, it’s terrific.

      I am finally reading the book now – I held out for a long time, because I love the TV series so hard that a.) I am skeptical of my self-control ability in not reading ahead in the book series and spoiling myself for the TV series future seasons and b.) I didn’t want the TV series to dim in my estimation (you know, that thing where you always end up thinking ‘the books were better’).

      But I gave in anyway. I’m maybe about 2/3 thru the book; the prose quality is maybe slightly less impressive than I was expecting, but the story is still great and the TV series is very, very faithful.

      • How long is each episode of the TV series? I’m used to shows having ~2o-25 episodes, so a similar prince for one with 10 episodes seems excessive. If the episodes are longer than the typical 45 minutes it would make more sense.

        • They are slightly longer than 45 minutes, but not by much (I think most eps are around 1 hr). HBO series are always pretty expensive on DVD, unless you get them right when they come out (when they will usually be on sale) or find a used copy (check Amazon). Since it’s HBO, the acting and production values are leagues beyond most other series, that probably plays into the cost as well.

          If it helps justify the cost, the show is so dense that I have found it helpful/enjoyable to watch each episode twice. Or, give it to a friend when you are done and you can justify half the cost as ‘entertainment for me’ + half as ‘a gift for my brother’. 🙂

          Or just sign up for HBO for 1 month, burn through the whole series on-demand, then cancel HBO again until S3 rolls around.

        • Typical HBO series of 10 episodes a season of a full hour apiece (i.e. no commercials of course). The season finales may have run a little longer.

          I’m about even with the books and series now, and actually ahead in the books for the first time- each season entails one book, though there is some overlap. And there seems to be a bit more divergence as the series progresses, but (at least though season 2) it’s mostly its about combining tertiary characters to keep down the total count.

          • Season 2 diverged in ways that annoyed me, but explaining why would be a spoiler for book 3. By the way, the last I heard book 3 will occupy TV seasons 3 and 4.

          • Honestly, I skipped vast portions of Clash of Kings because I was all like “i’ve seen this before”, and only realized the points of divergence as I’ve been getting into Storm of Swords.

  3. I watched Ghost Protocol on a recent plane flight. It’s not bad, you have to suspend your disbelief naturally but not put your brain in a drawer.

    I always been watching and liking Copper, aka Game of Deadwood in Five Points.

  4. I pulled out a bunch of fantasy series’ for the oldest boy to read and started him out on The Dragonlance Chronicles. Of course, watching him read them gave me the urge to pick them back up as well. I’m amazed at 1) how well they’ve held up, and 2) how differently they read now that I’m old and cynical and jaded instead of young and dumb.

  5. Gilmore Girls, E. Lockhart’s Ruby Oliver series, Margaret Atwood, Laurie King’s The Pirate King (yay, Mary Russell Holmes!) … it’s been an exceptionally female week around here.

    Oh, I did also read the comic with Shepherd Book’s backstory. Which was slight, but good.

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