Well, we’re coming up on the weekend kicking off the birthday week. And what a week it was! I think I can just say “worst week ever” and leave it at that. (Today, it turns out, I had a 4.)

Well, tonight we’re putting everything behind ourselves and saying “let’s have something awesome happen!” and going out to eat at our little place down the road (the little place that serves prime rib on Friday and Saturday *ONLY*, that has other specials on other days *ONLY*, and feels like a restaurant from 1982 when you walk in the door). A good friend is coming over to play Rock Band or watch ‘splodey movies or something and I’m going to drink some wine.

Meanwhile, there’s laundry to be done as Maribou is making preparations for egress for a week oh my gosh a whole week what am I going to do and I’ll be batchin’ it and counting the days until things stop being interesting again. (Maybe March.)

So… what’s on your docket?


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  1. AYSO stuff tomorrow.

    There is *nothing* on the calendar for Sunday. I’m probably going to watch some football and putter around.

    I might even download FTL, damn your eyes!

  2. Just got home from some oral surgery. Bleh. Likely resting and icing all weekend. Hopefully can catch up on a back log of TV. And sleep.

    • Can you even say “bleh” after the surgery? If you can manage that, you should be just fine. Eventually.

      • Right now, it’s not so bad, but I’ve been told the worst pain sets in on day 4 or 5. So if I’m a curmudgeon on Tuesday, I’ll abscond myself of all responsibility. 😀

  3. I should be doing homework, which has been piling up, especially readings.

    I probably will be reading A Feast for Crows.

  4. I think you need a new “mistake” category:

    6. A mistake you make which is important enough to earn mention on a slide at a meeting attended by an important person.

    I’ve had two of those in the past two weeks. Luckily, the developer I’m working with is an honorable guy and he stepped up and absorbed some of the heat from one of them, and I have enough “atta-boy’s” stored up to dissipate the heat from the other.

  5. Kayaking 8 miles of a local stream with some friends tomorrow. UFC tomorrow night.

    Sunday is wide-open. Going to try and make some progress on the honey-do list.

    • Enjoy the kayaking and know I am wildly jealous. Perhaps we can get together some day and you can show me where you float.

      • James,

        Kentucky has 49,ooo miles of navigable waters which makes us #2 behind Alaska. Any time you want to go for a paddle in the Bluegrass let me know. I’d be happy to hit the water with you.

  6. Just got home from a week in Oklahoma City, much of which was spent with comforting family in ICU. This makes me more ready for the weekend than I have felt in months.

    Big plans: collapsing, lying down, eating food that will make me fat and not caring.

  7. Daughter #1’s 15th birthday. She gave herself an early birthday present Thursday by knocking two seconds off her personal best in the breaststroke (finishing in third, only half a second behind first place). Mom and dad are proud of their wonderful kid.

  8. Trying to do as much homework as possible so that I can take as little with me to Canada as possible on Wednesday. Also some trip prep – I need cash, clean clothes, snacky things, etc. (17 hours in airports and/or on planes! Each way! If everything goes perfectly!)

    • Having dinner with Jaybird and Fish was very good after a rather difficult day. Gotta keep SOME fun in with the work, or my head will explode:).

  9. Kayaking and wine tasting tomorrow with new friends. Niece’s first birthday on Sunday. They have really got to stop feeding that kid. She just keeps growing!

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