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  1. Replaying Dragon Age, playing FTL, and trying to determine when I’m going to start playing X-COM.

    • The main feeling I’m getting is that it’s Bioshock if Bioshock were a sneaker. I’m currently doing everything I can to make the game less fun because I’ve been trying to make my first runthrough a no-kill runthrough and I’m going to abandon that today and just sit and play the dang game as if I were the Assassin instead of the Vulcan.

      As for the story (only the minorest of spoilers) the prologue ends with you becoming the fall guy for a plot to take over the government and the guys behind it pretty much explain that they’re sorry… you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Which is a great way to drag a player into a storyline.

  2. Guild Wars 2, of course. Also, finally trying out Gratuitous Space Battles, that I got in a Humble Indie Bundle. I do not think GSB will hold my interest too long. It is an interesting premise (build and deploy your fleet, no control during the actual battle), but it starts to get a bit repetitive, and I have not had to vary my setup very much.

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