Okay. Let’s try this again.

Do you have your copy of The Sandman, Vol. 5: A Game of You? Are you sitting comfortably? Right!

We’re going to be reading the first two issues (#32 and #33): Slaughter on Fifth Avenue and Lullabies of Broadway.

We may also need someone to recap them, if I can’t find my copy before, oh, Sunday.

If you absolutely positively have to talk about some major spoiler in comments, please rot13.

It has also come up that some wish to have a place where they can yell “DIBS!” I suppose this is as good a place to yell “dibs!” as any. (One should also keep in mind that just because someone yelled “DIBS!” on your favorite book, the one that you were hoping to recap, know that you can still submit one. We’ll read and argue over that one too.) Dibs, so far, behind the cut:

Katherine wants #31, Distant Mirrors – Three Septembers and a January (this is in the collection after A Game Of You… the numbering is all hinky starting about now)

Russell Saunders wants #35, Beginning to See the Light (that’s in this one)

Russell Saunders wants #36, Over the Sea to Sky (and this one too)

Jason Tank wants #41, Chapter One of Brief Lives

Russell Saunders wants #50, Ramadan

Katherine wants #53, Hob’s Leviathan

Reformed Republican wants #54, The Golden Boy

Ken wants #55, Cerements

Ken wants #56, World’s End

Alan Scott wants #75, The Tempest (schedule permitting)


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      • That works. Let me know if you find yours by, say, Monday morning.

        • I have searched high and low and still cannot find it.

          Which is too bad because the scene with Martin Tenbones is one that got stuck in my head.

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