Over the last week (including the midnight shift), I’ve found that my brain really responds well to tower defense. I’ve beaten Orcs must Die with five skulls on almost all of the levels… and the ones I’ve only gotten 4 skulls on have me scratching my head because, seriously, I’ve beaten the tar out of them. No orcs escaped, all of the monsters were beaten handily, all of the coins picked up. And still only 4 stars. Huh. Anyway, I’ve moved on to Orcs Must Die 2 and after a minor bit of irritation that the focus seemed to be on spellcasting rather than on engineering, I’ve found that, no, it’s just that all of the traps with which I was familiar were locked and all of the newfangled traps they gave me were weird and different. Now that I’ve gotten familiar… WOW. WHAT A GREAT GAME.

Especially when I have no brain.

So… what are you playing?


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  1. Playing XCOM with some of the Second Wave mods turned on. I’m particularly fond of “Marathon,” which makes the game last much much longer than it originally did.

      • I may not be the best person to ask, because I’d say it’s worth playing again even without the DLC. Second Wave is free, so you lose nothing by checking it out.

      • I’ve been playing with it for a few days now, and I’ve noticed that I suddenly seem to be suffering from the “teleportation bug” which has dogged so many users since the game was released. Previous to the “Second Wave” patch, I could count the number of teleportation bugs I’d encountered on one hand. But, it’s led to a couple of interesting happenings:

        –A squad wipe (boo);

        –A fight which featured 3/4 of my landing crew getting killed, leaving my badly wounded Assault alone to fight his way through two Heavy Floaters and two Muton Elites to make it back to the drop zone;

        –A truly epic fight in which my four-member squad breached a downed ship only to have four Mutons, two Berserkers, three Sectoid Commanders and three Floaters all show up at the same time. This led to a fantastic fighting retreat, a frantic regrouping during which my badly wounded Support healed up my two Assaults under fire, and a daring sally back into the ship to win the day, all without losing a single trooper.

        So…maybe you won’t have any problems at all as you play on the X-Box (right?), or maybe you’ll want to hold out for a bit and keep an eye on the XCOM website to see if another patch is released.

        • Man, I *LOVED* Dead Money.

          I thought that that was the best of the four.

          That may be me, though. You may find “New World Blues” to be more to your liking.

          • I played Dead Money for about 10 minutes, but found it too harrowing (it was the radios thing that did it for me in the end). I may try it with a different character (one built ot be less gear-dependant) at some later date.

          • The story behind Dead Money had me *HOOKED*. When I saw what the noose actually ended up being?

            I put down the controller and said “whoa”.

            The radios were harrowing, yes. The storyline was harrowing. The payoff? Jawdropping.

  2. Still digging holes, mainly. A friend wants to start a 6s team and get into a TF2 league, which I’d like to try , but the commitment seems daunting.

    I’ve had Orcs Must Die! For a while but never got to it. I’ll have to give it a go.

    • Oh, it’s a treat. I went from “oh, this is cute” to “oh, this is tough” in juuuust the right amount of time.

  3. gonna go try the demo for teleglitch now. have put off on crysis 3 due to lousy reviews.

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