Having finished American Gods, I’m finding myself giving sidelong glances to Clash of Kings again. Additionally, we’ve got what looks like a snowstorm coming in and so it may be a great day to just sit in front of the television and (finally) watch both Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 and Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 (hey, that first one is only four bucks! First hit’s free!) while the laundry is going. We had a huge snowstorm on Thursday, after all, and I had to enjoy it in the lab. It might be nice to enjoy a snowstorm while wearing fuzzy pants.

So… what are you reading and/or watching?


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  1. Not really reading or watching anything but I started my hunting book today. I’ve made a list of about 20 funny stories from my years of outdoor misadventure. I’m going to try to write three per week for the next two months. If it looks promising I will proceed for the summer. Just hoping I can stay motivated but if not I hear Adderall does wonders (kidding, I’m kidding).

    • Cool.

      Though I do worry about ‘3 a week.’ Having written where I had to pound out 3 or more pieces a week, that’s more then a full time job.

      You might consider one new piece; first draft out; one in re-write, one in out-line prepping for first draft or some such schedule.

      But you are on to something important here: the crucial thing is to write every day; to have the habit of writing the stories in your head as you walk about daily life.

      • Zic – these are short stories, roughly 2 pages typed. Hopefully I can keep that pace but I’m certainly not going to be hard on myself if I do less.

  2. Cleaning my blinds and doing laundry.

    A friend got a job in Australia and his bon voyage is this evening.

    My mom had me facebook stalk one of her old high school boyfriends.

  3. Knitting off the shawl.

    Watching snow fall.

    Drinking coffee and tending the wood stove.

    And fighting with the kitty who things the cozy wool is the best place to nap.

  4. The VCR side of the dying DVD/VCR combo gave up the ghost yesterday. So today we set up the shiny new bluray/DVD/CD thingie and I watched the Iron Giant. Happiness (I love that movie). I think the 2nd half of Todd and the Book of Pure Evil Season 2 is up next. Then either the 3rd season of Republic of Doyle, or the 2nd season of Game of Thrones. Mayyyybe some Burn Notice (I ought to be doing homework all day, not any of the above).

    Readingwise, I am in the middle of Scarlet by Melissa Meyer (the 2nd in a trilogy of delightful scifi/steampunk/fairytale mashups with a distinct anime flavor) and the middle of the 2nd volume of the Lucifer trade paperbacks. Also I just started reading Zilpha Keatley Snyder’s The Changeling, which might (??) be a reread… it has the feeling of one of those books I read when so young and so voracious that I only remember the feel, and not the story.

  5. I started Todd and the Book of Pure Evil, which is funny, but I’m having a tough time getting in to it. I’m more interested in Breaking Bad.

  6. I finished up Dr Who Series 5 over the weekend. I also started reading Dealing with Dragons by Patricia Wrede, which is the book my friends and I will be discussing at our next book club get together.

    • I love Pat Wrede’s Dragons series. They’re just so much fun. The second one’s the best in my opinion, but that may be because it’s the first one I read.

  7. Comrades – I am becoming increasingly convinced that The Americans may not just be a good show, but a great one. The acting and writing are top-notch.

    If you haven’t seen it, it’s only 4 eps in; so between FX’s site to get prior eps, and your DVR to record the new ones while you catch up, it’s not to late to get on board…

  8. Both Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 and Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 are excellent. Part 1 may be a bit stronger I think primarily because there’s a great deal of powerful internal monologue that happens with Supes and Batman in Part 2 which the movie producers dutifully make silent to us video viewers (so you essentially hear nothing). This hurts Part 2 somewhat, particularily when one of my D&D friends turned to me incredulously and asked “So Superman is a Blighter?”

    They weren’t able to get Hamil to play Joker but he is getting old now and frankly despite that failing the Joker in Part 2 was excellent, almost exquisite and quite possibly an area where the video improved on the comic.

    Summary: Run, don’t walk, to watch it. Both are available on Netflicks though my significant other observed after watching them that he wants to own them.

    • I’ve watched both and I’m writing a post about it. It gets… political.

      I’ll probably post it to the front page.

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