And BioShock Infinite is sitting RIGHT THERE! I took it out of the packaging and put it in the 360 and copied it to the hard drive. I got a little code for pre-ordering it from Gamestop and downloaded the little whatever it is as well. So first thing tomorrow morning, it’ll be ready to go!!! IT’S RIGHT THERE!!!


Until then, I’m cleaning up the last little quests in Ni no Kuni (I just made the Holy Spear, for example) and am getting back to the main quest as soon as I drop that off. While I wait. For tomorrow.

So… what are you playing?


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  1. No comments on the Saturday post? Busy Easter weekend for everyone?

    I have started playing the “The Last Days of Middle Earth” mod for Mount and Blade. You can play on the side of good (Elf, Dwarf, or Human of various nations) or the side of evil (Orcs, evil humans, etc.). I have not made a lot of progress into it, as I have had to relearn how to play Mount and Blade, but I heard a lot of good things about it. I believe it is more quest driven, and it actually has win conditions, making it less of a pure sandbox than the base game.

  2. I have started playing Bioshock Infinite.

    It’s pretty much impossible to discuss without getting into religion and/or politics.

    • I have heard good things about Bioshock Infinite. I never played the first Bioshock, though I might at some point. I have significantly cut back on time spent with video games (in exchange for more time spent practicing guitar, writing, or reading), which makes it much more difficult to catch up on everything I have missed.
      I have come to terms with the fact that I will probably never get around to beating Demon’s Souls, and I have not even made much of an attempt to play Dark Souls. I have begun to focus more on games that can be played and beaten on shorter time scales. Even when I have a large chunk of free time, I found myself less likely to spend it on a video game. It is very strange for me. I still enjoy them when I play, but they are much lower on the priority list when it comes to deciding how to spend my time and resources.

      • What do you do Instead?
        I am playing a game with a sentient cave in it.

        • I have significantly cut back on time spent with video games (in exchange for more time spent practicing guitar, writing, or reading)

          It was there, thought perhaps easily overlooked.

      • The first Bioshock was brilliant. I cannot recommend it enough. You can easily skip 2.

        I’d actually suggest playing Bioshock first, if only because the universe somehow manages to be both familiar and alien at the same time without feeling like a strawman. Bioshock Infinite? I’m only 3 or 4 hours into it but… there are moments so far where it feels like the writers had some strawmen they wanted to kick the crap out of.

  3. I finished Little Inferno Friday night. Started Antichamber after that, but not sure if I will have the patience to see it through. I love the idea and the execution, though.

    I have Don’t Starve, Super Hexagon and BIT.TRIP.VOID added to my vast pile of purchased but as-of-yet unplayed.

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