Holy cow, is tomorrow Friday already?

Indeed it is.

Maribou and I have this weird schedule going on where she works noon to 8PM for nine months of the year. This allows me to go home, perhaps run a few errands, perhaps goof around on the computer/360/PS3, and then be myself again for when I go to pick her up from work.

After a few months, however, this wears thin and I find myself saying “I wish that I could see Maribou more often.”

Well, we’re fixing to enter the season where Maribou’s schedule mirrors mine. So, for the next few months, I’ll be going to work when Maribou goes to work and getting home when Maribou gets home. We’ll be able to run errands together, goof off together, go to bed at the same time, and all sorts of “AT THE SAME TIME!” stuff.

My attitude for this schedule is different in, say, late August than it is in mid-May… but it is not late August. As such, I’m really, really, really looking forward to this weekend… and, indeed, the following weeks.

Not that I’ll be doing anything interesting, of course. It’s just that what I’ll be doing is stuff that I’ll be doing with my life partner.

So… what’s on your docket?


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  1. Hanging out with the teenager. I think we’re going to the comic and gaming shop where he hangs out to shop for a board game. If any of you have any suggestions for ones that can be played with 2 people (though sometimes we’ll have 3-5). Also watching Fringe. Just about through season 2.

    • Cribbage is a great game for two (it’s a board game because you keep score on a cribbage board.) You can also play with three or four, but it doesn’t work as well. I suppose you could play with five by not having the dealer contribute to the crib, but I’ve never tried that.

  2. Last night I went to the Great Gatsby and then a singing/piano pub with some friends. Tonight, some friends are coming over to the house. Tomorrow, we are watching 2 dear friends (dad and younger sun) perform their black belt tests, and then participating in a big ole celebratory barbeque.

    Sunday will no doubt be devoted to recovery / chores. Monday night I am going to a concert (with some friends :D) at a dive bar in Denver.

    Without school to worry about, it’s ALL weekend, baby….

  3. Austin!

    Nob, Chris, anyone else in the area… Email me… I might have some free time.

      • Dope! I’m glad I remembered it was you. I’m trrbull with names.

        Also, I just landed and am drunk already. The flight attendant gave us free beer. Bachelor party!

        Yea, I’m a dad.

        • Heh… Austin is the drinkingest city I’ve ever been to. It’s like drinking is a residency requirement.

          • Heh… I like it. Buy backs on a plane are new. Good start.

            Hit me up. Hopefully we can make it work.

  4. Tomorrow afternoon I meet with my book club to discuss American Gods. Yay!

    Tomorrow night is online boardgaming with League Folks. 6 PM Eastern if anyone is interested.

    If I have time, I will get started on my dad’s Father’s Day gift. He collects fishing lures, so I got some blank crankbaits that I am going to attempt to paint. I will be using a regular brush, not an air brush.

  5. Lacrosse tournament, Star Trek, book shopping, rib making, leaguecast recording, martini sipping, basketball playing. Maybe some other stuff thrown in here and there.

  6. Dates with three different women :p

    I might sneak in some online game time in addition to grocery shopping.

    • Let us know if it was the best weekend ever, or the scariest. Because dating three different women in 48 hours can really go either direction.

      • Oy vey. When I was a youngish lad and casually dating around (all parties were aware of the situation, there was no deception nor expectation of exclusivity) two gals I was seeing stopped by my house at the same time, and I had to make casual simultaneous conversation with both, making sure to always stay equidistant from each the whole time.

        My family got much enjoyment and entertainment out of this situation.

      • Well I’ve had dates with two before, so it’ll be nice. One is an initial date. It will be interferring with some Diners Drive Inns and Dives watching, however, that is the price to pay for being social.

  7. Saturday: Arcadia!

    Sunday: Cleaning and avoiding Bay to Breakers

  8. Dye workshop Saturday. Long-sequence color transitions using acid dyes on natural wool. Trippy.

    Both sprouts are about, so some delicious food will be prepared. Time to open up the camp, hopefully the dock will be in; if so, kayaking around the pond and campfire.

  9. What day is today?

    Oh, uh. let’s see… my week thus far has been a whole bunch of rejiggeries which is why the B5 post is *still* not up. I haven’t had a very good sleepytime week.

    This morning, the PTA (Kitty) dished out the awards for the Longfellow Centennial Celebration writing contest. Both Hannah and Jack won for a category (note: parents didn’t vote!), but didn’t get the grand prizes for their age bracket, which was a Kindle.

    Tonight is scrambling to finish up things for tomorrow’s actual Centennial Celebration, something Kitty has been working on for about six months. We will squeeze in a birthday dinner (for her) and cake (which I baked last night). Tomorrow morning, it’s up early to get Jack to his Little League playoff game, and then back home to change, and then over to the school to help with the setup of a million things, and work the event because we’re about 25 parent volunteers short. Saturday night I’m going to try and keep Kitty from decompensating entirely from getting past a 6 month project with the last two weeks in particular amounting to basically 60 hour work-weeks.

    Sunday is her book club meeting and Hannah has a birthday party and I’m going to finally have enough time to not just catch up but get ahead on the B5 posts, so hopefully we’ll be good for May on that score (sorry, everybody).

    Somewhere in there there’s a lot of house maintenance, as well.

    I think I might drink a bit in there, somewhere.

  10. It finally got hot around here so I was thinking about going to the beach. I started thinking about hints to get my wife thinking along the same lines. So, since “down by the river” didn’t seem a wise choice I opted for “take me to the river” only to be reminded that she had plans for a sister and mommy lunch and here I sit listening to “stop making sense” and waiting for her to return. Then, hopefully, we will soon be down by the river.
    Saturday is garden and lawn day. There was more rain this year and add the rain to my procrastination and you get a field that has no corn So tomorrow is plant corn and pull weeds day and hopefully Sunday will Star Trek and Barnes and Noble.
    Does anybody know how to get more than season 1 of Babylon 5?

    • “down by the river”

      The Springsteen song? Yeah.

      • Nah, CCR. The rope is gone but there is a woman who will dance barefoot in the moonlight.

  11. Saturday: commencement ceremony and wine club party

    Sunday: cards against humanity and Bloody Mary meet-up in Portland

  12. Today, Laundry, vacuuming up enough dog hair to make a fourth dog, planting in the garden. Sunday Oklahoma Renaissance Festival at the Castle in Muskogee hopefully with out T-storms and tornadoes

  13. Ya know, I’ve applied a lot of thought to this (probably far more than anyone ever should), and I believe the evidence is conclusive–
    Wayne is definitely the most underrated Osmond.
    Seriously, check this out. The main thing wrong with the mix is that the guitar isn’t forward enough. It’s like Less Than Jake 20 years in advance.
    And check out the slight tremolo on “Yo-Yo.” Tasty.
    I want to look at his guitars now to see what he was playing, but I can’t find anything on it.

    But I’m telling you, man– Wayne was definitely the most underrated Osmond.
    ‘Nuff said.

      • Don’t tell me you’re a die-hard Donny fan . . .

        Anyway, savor what is likely the only sincere comparison between the Osmonds and Less Than Jake that you’re likely to see for awhile.

    • I really have a hard time taking twelve year old rock stars seriously.

      • Not quite accurate.
        Osmonds – Phase III – January, 1971
        Notable as the first Osmonds album where the brothers contributed significantly to the songwriting.
        “Yo-Yo” is a Joe South tune, that made a hit between “Games People Play” and “Rose Garden.” The original version of the other song can be found here.
        Alan (guitar, keys) : age 21
        Wayne (guitar) : age 19
        Merrill (lead vocals) : age 17
        Jay (drums) : age 15
        Donny (keys, second lead vocals) : age 13

        That they were young was to their advantage; the same as for Plant & Bonham, Def Leppard, and many others. They had a feel for what was hip.

        But just because they were bubblegum doesn’t mean that they weren’t real.
        After all, the Monkees were making hits for Neil Diamond.

  14. Compare the Osmonds to Led Zeppelin and I just have to go wow, double wow and holeysmokes. How old are you? I was there in 1971 and the Osmonds did not enter on the hip radar for a microsecond. Just because one is young does not mean one is hip and the Osmonds weren’t.

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