I shouldn’t be as surprised as I am

Amazingly, I just got through talking with Son-Of-The-Great-Man’s paralegal and she took nine files from me to follow up on medical records, prepare demand packages, and otherwise provide support! She’s being cautious about taking on too much of my work, but all of my agitation for support seems to be doing some good. I’m also supposed to get help on a couple cases (shared with Happy Bachelor Lawyer) from Bad Attitude Paralegal and now that the trial in Chatanooga is over I can lean on Eager Young Law Clerk a little bit, too. Who knows, I might just get on top of my case load one of these days. [Original portion of entry posted at 9:22 a.m.]

(Follow-up: Looks like she’s good, too. Or at least fast — I asked for a demand package in an auto case, and on her own initative, she ordered medical records missing from our file, called the client to gather information and discuss strategy, ghost-wrote a demand letter, assembled photographs and exhibits for it, and gave it back to me for my review before 4:00 the same day I gave it to her. I’m very pleased.)

Burt Likko

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  1. The Son-Of-The-Great-Man’s paralegal sounds great! I hope she can continue to assist you. Take her out to lunch, buy her flowers… she’s worth it.

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