I don’t think I’m flying to Louisiana tomorrow

You ever hear the phrase “You can’t get there from here?” That’s pretty much what we’re all saying about Southwest Louisiana.

If I’m reading this right, right about the time I need to be in the air, Katrina will be centered near the Mississippi-Alabama-Tennessee border point. Thanks but no thanks, my idea of a good time does not involve flying directly into a hurricane. Below is a track of what my approximate flightpath from Knoxville to Lake Charles would be, and Katrina’s current position:

Things look pretty grim for New Orleans right about now. The eye of the storm is about thirty miles east of the center of the city. I didn’t realize so much of New Orleans is below sea level — and the storm surge is predicted to be ten feet higher than the levees. Also, CNN is reporting a rumor that the Superdome is leaking (it’s just a rumor as of the time I’m publishing, so no link) and tens of thousands of people have sought shelter in the Superdome.

I have acquaintance, a good friend of my former law partner, who practices criminal law in New Orleans. Here’s hoping he’s okay.

Burt Likko

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