I’ve Always Kind Of Had A Thing For White Stockings

Belated congratulations to the Chicago White Sox for winning the World Series, beating the remarkable Houston Astros in four straight games. I was hoping for a St. Louis-Anaheim series, but that would have been too predictable. Actually, I pretty much always hope for a Dodgers-Yankees World Series, but that clearly wasn’t in the cards this year. The White Sox deserve it — they’ve been quietly playing consistently good ball for a very long time now.

You know, I still think of the Diamondback and the Marlins as expansion teams, so the last time a “traditional” National League team won the World Series was ten years ago, when the Atlanta Braves beat the Cleveland Indians. Since the Great Strike of 1994 (which cancelled what was looking like a Cubs-Red Sox finale), the National League team has won the World Series four of the eleven times it’s been played. Are AL teams just that superior these days?

Burt Likko

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  1. Since then, the NL has won four of six, all by “traditional” teams (well, the Cards did start out in the American Association.)

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