Now I’ve Got The Power!

That’s right, the newly-reinstalled Managing Attorney at the Law Offices Of The Great Man now has the power to sign checks on behalf of the law firm. So today, for the first time in not quite a year and a half, I got to sit down and sign a big stack of checks paying vendors (and employees, including myself) for the business, and sort through a vendor mix-up. It seems that every attorney in the office, and The Great Man’s ex-wife, are all getting their electric bills sent here and we’ve been paying them all out of the office account. That comes to an end right now.

The Great Man is apparently a little more serious this time about not being physically present in the office all day long; he has a permanent secretary working at his home office now, and has arranged it so I can see to it that everything gets paid as necessary.

Well, hey, it’s something — it’s a signal that I’ve earned his trust. And everyone else’s, too — no one yelped or made any noises about this change which to me seems awfully critical to the operations of the firm. It’s also of some significance that the Son Of The Great Man is no longer a signator on the accounts, particularly the trust account. He’s a nice guy and nothing has gone wrong in the past so far as I know, but I think on balance, things are better this way.

This is a slow and frustrating process with a lot of steps forward and a lot of steps backwards. I still am not 100% sure I want to be involved in it; the stress has been very high recently. With one spat of motions out of the way, however, that should help. There’s another spat of motions and discovery to deal with Monday and Tuesday, but that’s for next week. Tonight, I’m going to meet up with The Wife — who is rightfully frustrated over her as-yet unfixed computer — and go with her to dinner with our friends, down in one of the areas where we’re looking at buying a home in the hopefully near future. There will be physicl house-shopping to do on Sunday.

Burt Likko

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