Laptop Functional

Well, the new notebook is pretty cool; I am using it now to blog. It’s a Gateway MX7515.

The wide monitor is quite nice and the resolution is fantastic. I haven’t tried Civ IV yet, because I’ve been transferring files and installing Microsoft Office since getting home. But, the teeny wireless mouse and wireless keypad work; the jump drive took three trips to get over a meg of information from my desktop (now The Wife’s desktop) to the laptop, and that seems to have worked nicely. The keyboard is not as nice to me as my ergonomic from the old computer, but there may be a way I can use that, too. We’ll see. For now, it’s time to work on my class, something that I would have done much earlier today but for computer follies.

Of course, as soon as I got the thing home and running, that’s when the computer shop called and said that the motherboard on The Wife’s busted computer had been successfully swapped out and that they were running diagnostics on the rest of it. Of course. Oh well, the notebook has added utility because of its portability, and I suppose I can get used to the standard configuration of the keyboard if I have to.

UPDATE (6:36 P.M.): My pre-existing hardware — the ergonomic wireless keyboard and the larger, ergonomic wireless laser mouse — do work. Happy day!

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  1. As you noted, the Geeks only called to say “computer had been successfully swapped out and that they were running diagnostics on the rest of it.” It’s not fixed yet, not by a long shot.

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