A Worse Record Than Arizona

On September 27, I pessimistically predicted that the Philadelphia Eagles would guarantee a losing season for the Green Bay Packers, and the Packers would finish the season 4-12. The first half of that prediction has now come true. Green Bay is currently 2-9, along with the Jets and the 49ers. The only team with a worse record is Houston.

Sheesh. Even the New Orleans San Antonio Los Angeles Baton Rouge Saints, the Arizona Cardinals, and the Flaming Thumbtacks of Nashville have managed to eke out three victories each. We lost to Philadelphia’s second string. Next up: the amazingly unstoppable-looking Chicago Bears. We may have to wind up getting our remaining two victories from Detroit and Seattle.

Yes, Seattle. The last game of the season will be on New Year’s Day. By then, it appears that Seattle will have already locked up home-field advantage before their final game. So, the Seahawks will have no particular incentive to play any of their starters for very long and they will mail in their last game in preparation for the playoffs. You heard it here (well, actually you read it here) first.

Burt Likko

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  1. Da Bears occasionally wake from hibernation, and wreak havoc. At least the Pack has had a few more great seasons to remember than that.

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