More Student Feedback

It’s nice to be praised for your work:

This was the most challenging and best class I’ve had at the University of Phoenix.

The Instructor was the best that I have had since starting UOP.

The instructor did a wonderful job teaching this class. I wish all instructors were as involved as he is.

I really liked this instructor. The course was very challenging.

This course exceeded my expectations. I have developed a genuine interest in law. Before taking this class I abhorred anything that had to do with law and anything legal. The instructor is fabulous. He makes the class very interesting and fun. I hope I have him for the next business law class. … As I mentioned before the instructor is absolutely fabulous. He makes learning the key concepts of the course very easy and he does it in a fun way; to keep his students interested in the class. He gives feedback quickly and gives you advice on how to improve where needed.

Thanks, students. I appreciate it.

Burt Likko

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