The Nose Knows

I woke up this morning and the tip of my nose was sore and tender. I think this means that an adult pimple is erupting. Feels like I’m a little bit old to be getting pimples. But there it is — a tender, pink spot right on the tip of my nose; it’s been there all day. I wonder when I will have to do something about it.

I’ve also been sneezing for weeks. Big, massive sneezing fits, the likes of which I haven’t had since I lived at The Estate At Louisville. There’s something in the air, and I wasn’t immunized to it when I got allegery therapy in Tennessee. While I haven’t had ear pain like this unfortunate young man, I have had uncontrollable sneezes the past couple of weeks powerful enough to shoot pain through my shoulders all the way down to my wrists.

People are all apprehensive here in the High Desert tonight. There are clouds overhead and a cold wind is blowing. One woman, leaving the office tonight, said with genuine foreboding and no irony in her voice, “There’s a thirty percent chance of rain tonight.” Some tiny spatters of precipitation formed on my windshield on the way home. Oooooh.

And I heard a song the other day that I thought was really catchy and fun. Turns out it’s been released for over a year now. “Jeez, what rock have you been living under?” The Wife asked. It’s on a beer commercial and everything. Where have I been?

So that’s a slice of life up in the High Desert.

Burt Likko

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