How TL Got His E-Mail Back

My old e-mail address is working again. Hooray! My friends in Manhattan Beach fixed it up so my old e-mail address forwards automatically to their new e-mail domain, and assigned me an e-mail address there, so now I can continue to receive all of your messages to me. As you send e-mails directly to me and I respond, you may want to update your address books with the new domain name, because I’m sure they’ll eventually phase out the old one, but like me they have years’ worth of accumulated addresses and messages using the old server and it’s just impossible to remember all of the places you’ve sent out your e-mail address.

Nearly three weeks’ worth of mail had accumulated on the server during the interim period. 106 of them made it through my spam filters. About 10 of them were things that mattered at all; the rest were advertisements, notifications of bills paid, and other stuff I could just delete. Now, once again, I can get notices of when people comment on the blog.

So thanks again to my friends in the South Bay for the hook up.

Burt Likko

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