The Escape Goat

Here’s a UoP student comment to a hypo about a company potentially able to pin a very illegal act on a “rogue” employee: “This story is a good example of why you should always follow the law because Rick didn’t do it and now the company can make him the escape goat for all the problems that happened later.”

You know, if that goat is not going to be a very suitable vehicle for placing blame if the darned critter is constantly getting away!

This time, I know it’s not a spell-check issue. Other students’ posts used the word “scapegoat” correctly. You know, while this bon mot is every bit as amusing as “analizing minors,” and somewhat more innocent, too, I’m not going to miss these little moments.

Burt Likko

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  1. Analizing minors. In my job, we call that a (d)-count.

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