I don’t like it.

It dulls the pain, which is nice because then I don’t have to feel it. And the pain can be distracting, at best. But I also don’t know very well whether I actually still have a problem or not. I haven’t seen or felt any stones pass. I still feel pressure from time to time but I can’t be sure if that’s just me psyching myself out or if it’s the real thing.

Friday, after I took the Vike for the first time, I slept a long time and I had some really trippy dreams. Tonight, I took another one and I can’t fall asleep. The Wife went to bed nearly two hours ago and I was tossing and turning and wide awake. Granted, it’s still only quarter to ten and I don’t have to be up for another eight hours, so I shouldn’t be too frustrated.

Maybe the dosage isn’t enough to induce sleep. Of course, it’s not intended to be a sleep aid; it’s supposed to be a painkiller with drowsiness as a prominent side-effect. But I’m certainly not experiencing any euphoria or deriving any pleasure from the drug; at best, like I said above, it dulls the pain from the kidney stone (assuming I still even have it, which as of right now I have no good idea one way or the other).

Burt Likko

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  1. Same for me. I slept but not very good. Even worse than a drunken sleep. So, stop the medicine and see if it still hurts! I said before I was not able to ever trap any stone and felt like an idiot pee-ing into a strainer.Next time this happens to me, I’m just going to go for a long bike ride up a steep hill. Kind of the same as hitting your thumb with a hammer so you don’t feel the other pain. Hey, now there’s an idea!

  2. So, just out of curiosity … how much more did they give you than you’ll be using?

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