Frog Pajamas and Centurions

That was my gift to The Wife for Valentine’s Day — a set of pink flannel pajamas with frogs (playing leapfrog and wearing pajamas themselves). She loved them. Better than the flowers and chocolates that I brought over to her office after court yesterday, and better than the pasta I made for her for dinner. She got me the DVD’s of the first season of HBO’s mini-series Rome, which is really good stuff. She chose well.

Burt Likko

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  1. I LOVED all that you did for me for Valentine’s day – the beautiful roses, the chocolates, the time you took out of your busy day to deliver them to me! I loved the pasta you made, your thoughtfulness at planning the evening and adding the candles was a romantic touch. But come on… froggie pj’s with froggies wearing pj’s and playing leap frog?! Of course I loved them, but not better or more than your other efforts. Equal to them all. Equal. Thanks my love, you’re my lobster!

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