Obama Waffles

Obamamania has been pretty silly for a while now.

But really, does it get any sillier than auctioning off the remains of the man’s half-eaten breakfast? That’s what someone in Pittsburgh is doing today. You too can put in a bid for about a third of a leftover Belgian waffle and a half of a decent-sized sausage link that Barack Obama himself had eaten. There, to the left, is the photograph from eBay, showing the remnants of Obama’s breakfast this morning. As of the time I linked to the site, the top bid was $10,100.00 for the detritus of the Obama Waffle.

I mean, it’s okay to like the guy and to think he’s the best choice for President and to think maybe he’s something a little different than what we’ve seen before. Personally, I’ve come to believe that he’s really just another politician, albeit a preternaturally skilled and eloquent one. I think he’s overpromised and won’t be able to deliver; I think his platform is more than the country can afford. But if you’re more enthusiastic about him than me, that’s cool.

But buying his leftover waffle? People. Get a grip.

UPDATE: eBay has taken the auction down; the link above is no longer good. But that is the picture of The Waffle. Someone kept their wits about them. And the Fish Wrapper reports that no, Obama had pancakes in Pittsburgh, not a waffle. Has it literally come to this — bickering about what a candidate eats for breakfast?

Burt Likko

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  1. What?! I was going to bid $13,392.08 and now you tell me had pancakes? How much do you think I can get his left over pancakes for?

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