Master’s Degree? Creationists Cannot Have.

And properly so. Creationism is not science, and no one should award degrees in it. So says a commissioner of higher education in the State of Texas and I’m hard-pressed to find a single reason to disagree.

Especially since, if you look closely at the rather brief article, the institution that wanted to award these advanced degrees was an online college, and after my experiences within such an institution, I’m rather skeptical of their ability to teach anyone anything that they wouldn’t have figured out on their own anyway.

Seriously? Did peoiple think that they could pay some money to some private ‘college’ (almost certainly one affilitated with a fundamentalist Christian church, c’mon, tell me if you have even the slightest doubt I’m wrong about that), log in to an online classroom a dozen or so times, and then get a Master’s degree? I don’t know if I’m more astounded by the fact that someone had the nerve to seek accreditation for this in the first place, or by the fact that they were going to do it at an online school. I’m relieved, though, that someone put a stop to it.

Burt Likko

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