Ladies and Gentlemen, We Now Return To Our Regularly-Scheduled Programming

I’ve been kind of sick recently. Not really interested in reading things, writing about things, or anything else for that matter. So not much writing. I shouldn’t have even really ventured out to see Indiana Jones, at least not the way that I did. It’s not like the movie was going anywhere. But I was well enough to get to work today and I enjoyed it. And I’ve eaten solid food! Yay! When you haven’t done that for several days, it’s a real pleasure. Eggs Benedict for dinner? Hey, why not?

So today, the blog is back in publication of new materials for real. Keep on coming back for the same random hodgepodge of politics, musings about food, biographical updates, law, culture, current events, and pretty much anything else that wanders into my mind for long enough to form thoughts worthy of expression.

What exactly are the trailer park girls going round the outside of, anyway?

Burt Likko

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