The concept: Heinz’ mayonnaise is so good, you’ll think your wife turned in to a New York deli man. The pitch: A housewife who actually looks and talks like a New York deli man. The result: censorship by the UK crown for airing “pornography” in the following controversial commerical aired for two days in Britain, containing the most safe-for-work gay porn you’ll ever see in your life:

Seriously, this is controversial? I think it’s kind of a weak joke. But enough people (about 200) howled in protest about this that the commercial that the BBC pulled it. I guess in England, like here in the States, there are people who are just plain that sensitive to even the idea that there might be gay people out there, being all, you know, gay and stuff.

Hat tip to Skepchick, who points out “What else could they do? They’re just one multi-billion dollar corporation vs. almost a quarter of a thousand people.” Her entire description of the imbroglio (including the title, blatantly plagarized for the title of this post) is funnier than the advertisement itself.

Burt Likko

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