Well That Was Fun

About an hour ago, there was a 5.4 magnitude earthquake near Diamond Bar. I was out to lunch with a couple attorneys from the firm and felt the ground shake and noticed the light fixtures in the restaraunt swinging. One light bulb fell onto an empty table. Nothing else of significance here. I’m interested in learning about whether The Wife experienced it, too; some people even at the restaraunt claimed to simply not notice it at all. She’s not experienced any of the other earthquakes of significance before in California, either; in fact, I think the biggest seismic event she ever felt was a less than three-point jolt in Tennessee that was centered less than a mile from The Estate At Louisville; that one felt like a truck had backed into the building. Today’s was a classic earthquake, with a swaying, rolling motion that lasted about twenty seconds. If she didn’t experience it, she’ll be disappointed.

Burt Likko

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  1. I did get to experience it! It was fun. I’m sure if I were closer to the action I’d probably not like it much. The “rolling” motion initially felt like someone had kicked my chair, then it was like being on a small boat in calm water.

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