Return Of The Saturday Morning Cuss-Outs

That’s right. The Wife and I risked the happiness of our marriage once again and pulled out the Scrabble set last night and played again for breakfast again this morning.

For two games, I was all over it. 7-letter words, triple bonuses, clever combinations. “Jazz” with a double-cross and the “Z” on a triple-letter score (yes, you have to use a blank) turns out to be nearly as good as a 7-letter drop. And leaving a zero-point “Z” on the edge of the board minimizes the risk of opening up the triple-word score tile for your opponent.

But the last game I couldn’t get anything. Either I’d fried my brain out on previous games or it was just crappy, crappy draws. I had to resort to an exchange of tiles. The Wife decimated me, by nearly a hundred points.

Burt Likko

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