Evil Olympics, Day Fifteen: The Power Of The Party

I’m growing weary of this series of posts, to be honest with you, Loyal Readers. Losing my Tibet post into the aether of the Intertubes was a bit demoralizing, to be honest, and I think you get the point by now.

This post was intended to discuss how pervasive the Communist Party is in China. Topics of discussion were to include 1) the party’s monopoly on all positions of any governmental power, 2) the party’s censorship of all media to eliminate counter-cultural or disestablishmentarian messages, and 3) the network of secret police and informers that send friends and family members off to labor and re-education camps. But if you’ve been reading the rest of the Evil Olympics series, you’ve heard about all of that already. And if you haven’t been reading about the Evil Olympics, then by now you aren’t going to start and nothing I write will make you care.

I have, however saved one more subject for my grand finale. Read all about it tomorrow.

Burt Likko

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  1. I hate to start a comment in opposition to what you said, yet I will do it anyway. Contrary to your assertion, I am quite interested in your posts regarding the PR of China.I will stop by more to "catch up". I was reading the PRC Constitution recently, hard to believe they have one (more difficult to imagine they adhere to it). More questions than answers were formed upon reading it, so maybe you will have some information from which I can glean.The recent Mao adoring comments circulating in media have served to drive my quest as well. It fully baffles my mind on a human being level, but then again most of what flies out of politician mouths baffles me on the level, or lack of, intelligence and integrity. Ok, I'll end it with some amusement, it involves my son, who at the age of 6 already became a "political anti-China-activist". (I did not prompt it, he heard the news about lead paint etc.) He started a non-organized effort with the intent that his peers start looking for 'Made In China' labels on toys. He even went so far as to inform them of lead content, how this was bad, and how we ought not support China or at least buy their toys.But the real icing on the cake was while we were at a store I over-heard him tell some younger kids that China was out to kill all Americans by poisoning them to death with toxic paint on toys. We had a discussion after that….especially in light of the younger kids' facial expressions.

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