The Popular Vote

Data from CNN earlier this afternoon.

Candidate Raw Vote Percentage
Obama 63,909,365 52.434%
McCain 56,413,860 46.284%
Nader 658,679 0.540%
Barr 489,760 0.402%
Baldwin 175,117 0.144%
McKinney 143,244 0.118%
Keyes 35,105 0.029%
Paul 19,583 0.016%
Others 35,510 0.029%
None of the above 6,251 0.005%
Total 121,886,474 100.000%

As I see it, that’s a 6.15 point advantage for Obama. McCain and the points played me false and I’m gonna have to cough up a bottle of good stuff.

But you may find some of the (very) minor candidates interesting to learn about.

Burt Likko

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