Musta Been Prom Night In New Orleans

How on Earth could the Green Bay defense, blessed with one of the most explosive secondaries in the league, give up fifty-one points and four passing touchdowns?

Rodgers’ performance is a mixed bag — he did throw for 248 yards, which isn’t bad, but got intercepted three times. He’s also doing a lot of scrambling, it looks like. The fundamental problem, as is so often the case, appears to have been the offensive line. I can see saying that New Orleans is a better team, although both went in to the game with 5-5 records. But Green Bay has some problems it needs to solve and they probably won’t get addressed in any meaningful way until the offseason.

The Wife had encouraged me to go to the local sports bar and watch the game last night. I opted to stay home instead and I’m glad I did. Might I add my extreme frustration at seeing Marques Colston score a touchdown — he’s on my fantasy team and I had him benched. Along with Trent Edwards and Tim Hightower, for a combined opportunity cost of thirty points this week (we played Philip Rivers instead of Trent Edwards). Sunday is Carolina and frankly, I’m looking to play whatever Panthers as I have on my fantasy team.

Burt Likko

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