Dynasticism Takes A Defeat

New York Governor David Paterson has, apparently, nominated U.S. Representative Kirsten Gillibrand to succeed to the Senate seat vacated by Secretary of State Hilary Clinton. It seems that Caroline Kennedy had some tax and not-precisely-documented household help problems.

Representative Gillibrand is, of course, a Democrat, but we knew that was coming. But she’s about as conservative a pick as we could have hoped for. She represents a mostly rural area of upstate eastern New York, and is considered a “blue dog” Democrat. That means we can expect her to be, in the fashionable-again buzzword of the day, a “pragmatist.” This is something that makes Democrats palatable to Republicans and apparently, it is something that is celebrated in politicians in general right now.

So good luck to Senator-Designate Gillibrand.

Burt Likko

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  1. The New York Times has a whiny (in classic Times fashion) piece today about how Caroline Kennedy’s selection could have been an inspiration to women who’ve struggled with the family vs. career dilemma, given that she spent her 30’s and 40’s as basically a housewife and now, with her children older, would get a chance at professional success. Aside from the fact that Kennedy was scarcely a typical housewife given her background and wealth, the fact remains that it is Gillibrand who should be an inspiration for women. She has managed to have a successful legal and now political career despite having two small children.Peter

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