Halfway Done

I had cause to check the actuarial tables of the Social Security Administration today. The amount of time that the tables say I have left to live* is almost exactly the amount of time that I have already lived.

It’s been a pretty good ride so far. I’m blessed with a terrific wife and a loving family with whom I get along, and many good friends. I’ve had more good wine, travel, and education than a lot of people ever get to enjoy. I’ve had no significant illnesses and few significant injuries and enjoyed the blessings of life in a free society.

But I’m still not nearly eligible for AARP membership, so I wish they’d quit sending me junk mail.

*Actuarial tables represent an amalgamation of data from multiple sources, are subject to change based on shifting demographic data, and not guaranteed to be accurate nor are they a predictor of actual lifespan. Your experience may vary. Past results are not a reliable indicator of future performance. Price does not include tax, fees, licenses, insurance, or shipping and handling. An erection lasting four or more hours is a serious medical condition that requires the immediate attention of a doctor. Thank you, please drive through.

Burt Likko

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