New Stuff

New oven. The Wife had several bad experiences with the old one — it never got hot enough, then it got too hot. The window cannot be cleaned. It doesn’t fit in with our decor. And the cast-iron spiders that sit over the burners no longer sit level. So we went to Sears, dropped six hundred bucks, and come Wednesday we’ll have a new oven. And in a few days we’ll have a rebate card in the mail.

And The Wife insisted that I have a Kindle, and they were on sale. Mine came today and it had a lot of charge on its battery. So I downloaded a book (Free, by Chris Anderson, which was available for a price of, appropriately enough, nothing) and started reading it while I got a prescription filled (more about that in a few moments). The device is easy to use, not-quite-intuitive, light as a paperback book but thinner, and the screen is as easy on the eyes as regular paper (which is particularly important today; again, more about that in a bit).

So, yeah, new stuff. New stuff is cool.

Burt Likko

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