Yesterday’s News

This is one of the more conservative corners of California that I live in.  A Democrat hasn’t been elected to represent this area in generations.  The central industry here is building aircraft for the Air Force and the nation’s premier aircraft testing facility is located here.  Bear that in mind as I deliver this bit of news.

I had dinner tonight with a friend who works at the local Barnes & Noble, by far the largest and most prominent  bookstore in the area.  The store received a shipment of 144 copies of Going Rogue last Tuesday.  So far, the store has sold 8 copies of the book.  8/144 = 5.6%.  The book is moving so slowly they’ve already marked it down to the “40% off” category.

Maybe the book is selling really well online.

Burt Likko

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  1. Maybe most of the conservatives in the AV are similar to me in their opinion of Ms. Palin: She is an inconsequential "flash-in-the-pan" whose 15 minutes of fame have thankfully passed.

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